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Armchair RHEA – put some style into your home

Any well-designed interior needs a quality armchair. This traditional, beautifully-designed,   furniture creates a cozy atmosphere of peace and tranquility into every room. People enjoy being there creating strong personal relationships.

The perfectly balanced proportions of the RHEA armchair allow highly comfortable seating, which can be further strengthened by a footstool in matching fabric. Imaginatively positioned armrests accentuate the sleek lines that will fit into traditional as well as modern interiors. The armchair meets all requirements for quality, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The armchair comes in three versions: small (height 86 cm), large (height 105 cm) and a wing chair (height 110 cm). We can therefore choose according to our own preferences and place it in almost every type of room. The small armchair is an ideal supplement to an existing three-piece the living room suite; the bigger armchair is perfect as a stand-alone in an office or a studio; and the wing chair has a welcoming feel about it whenever we want to enjoy a moment of calm and relaxation.


The outstanding design of this armchair came from the Ambience Design team, capitalizing on years of experience and intimate knowledge of the European market. Polstrin is its exclusive manufacturer.