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In addition to furniture and right lighting, a good interior needs a whole range of home accessories that properly complete the entire space and finalize the ultimate feeling we have from the room.  

Polstrin Company thus offers these original accessories of their own production:



Decorative cushions help you brighten up any seating furniture. Cushions and pillows are available in various sizes, colours and covering materials. In our offer there are either complete pillows or just covers for pillows.

Another interesting accessory are wallowing bags and sacs from Polstrin production are wallowing bags and sacs. We make them in two sizes and a wide variety of upholstery materials. Wallowing bags are a perfect complement especially for children´s rooms. Tabourets are a very handy option when you need to expand the number of seats when having guests. 

For allergy sufferers we offer antiallergic blankets from quality thermofiber that will warm you in winter days and summer nights. 

To lengthen the durability and attractive appearance of all our products we recommend you to use the appropriate cleaners for upholstery and leather. 

In case you have a sofa upholstered in fabric we offer an excellent detergent product POLSTRIN SPECIAL that reliably removes stains and dirt of various origins.




The all-purpose side table can serve you reliably every day. Not only does it help you to access the necessary things from the comfort of your sofa but also eliminates the possibility of unintentional acccidents such as spilled coffee or wine on your sofa. The table is very light and handy and it can stand right next to the sofa or as a solitaire unit.

A practical supplement for seating sets are side tables, stainless steel trays for the armrests that will protect the most delicate part of your sofa against the dirt and it also allows you to have a glass of your favourite drink at hand all the time. Suspensory stainless steel trays for armrests are available of width 16 and 25 centimetres. By using these stainless steel trays you also can easily make an unusual coffee table out of your tabouret.


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Polstrin Accessories